The Wine & Banter Book Club


01. Background

In 2017, I moved from London to Manchester. Suddenly I had only one friend, a fiance and a whole host of animals in my social circle – it was time to meet new people. Perusing Meetup, I found a couple of groups that seemed interesting enough, but that weren’t quite right. And so, alongside that one aforementioned friend, I decided to set up my own.

02. Book Club

With the ideas of book reading, drinking, and having a laugh at the forefront of our mission, the ‘Wine & Banter Book Club’ was born.

Now, we host monthly book club meetings in fun bars around Manchester, for up to 15 people at a time. The club is informal, fun, friendly and – behind the scenes – meticulously managed. Before events can take place, we choose the book. We find the venue. We send reminders and updates to keep people engaged and, on the day, we turn up with a list of pre-planned questions to lead the group into a lively discussion.

Wine & Banter is a great way to meet new people, and to test my organisational skills. I love it (and so do the people that attend!)

03. Join Us!

If you’re in Manchester and want to join us, please do! You can find us here.