Little Moose

Client: Little Moose
Services: Tone of voice development, Copywriting

01. Background

Little Moose is a Brighton based jewellery brand, specialising in quirky & unique laser cut designs.

I worked with the brand to develop a ‘fun’ tone of voice, applying said tone to product categories across the website.

Tone Of Voice Development

After liaising with the Little Moose team, I developed a playful tone of voice, suited to the product range.

Account Management

I liaised with the team every step of the way, ensuring they were happy with the identity being developed.

Playful Content Creation

I wrote numerous product page descriptions, giving each collection its own identity.

02. Approach

After reviewing a number of ‘ideal tone of voice’ sources, I went about creating a brand voice that encapsulated all things fun and whimsical, without crossing the line into childish. 

Once a tone was established, I created copy across the website, ensuring each aligned with the newly established voice, and contained original content (no two category headers were the same.)


03. Results

Little Moose loved the copy, and quickly applied it across the site, saying:

“After 5 years since launch we no longer felt as if our website copy reflected our brand – daunted, we turned to Charlotte to help us turn the quirky, playful and sometimes irreverent nature of our jewellery designs into written words. After a few brief discussions, Charlotte threw herself into the task with typical enthusiasm. We’re delighted with the results, and Charlotte was more than happy to come back on the few (very) minor points to ensure we were over the proverbial moon.”

And on a personal level? I was thrilled with the result. Little Moose is what I would call ‘a perfect client.’ J’adore!