Fox Socks (The Lifestyle Blog)

01. Background

When I was living in London, I wrote a blog about my experiences. Running from 2014 – 2017, Fox Socks the blog built up 2,300 Twitter followers, 500,000 Pinterest followers, 500 Instagram followers and 3,300 Bloglovin’ followers, with each post viewed more than 3,000 times at the height of the blog’s popularity. After we moved to Manchester, Fox Socks the blog fell by the wayside, and I decided to shut it down.

But that’s not the end of the story.

02. Changing Platforms

Fully refreshed, the sort of anecdotes that made up Fox Socks in its original form have moved to a new home on Instagram. Previously just pictures of animals, my insta now documents life after London – because there is such a thing, as I am rapidly learning.

Everything is shared purely for fun (with some big ups of favourite clients thrown in from time to time) and includes snapshots of my everyday life, with wedding planning, pets, freelance bits, interior updates, and random things that are just downright pretty.

03. Get to know me and my family

Sometimes it’s nice to get to know the person you’re working with, even if from a distance.

You can follow my life in the (very cold, winter has most certainly come) north here.