Daniel Hopwood

Client: Daniel Hopwood
Services: SEO

01. Background

Perhaps best known for his role on The Great Interior Design Challenge, Daniel Hopwood is a London interior designer with serious style. Following a beautiful redesign, I worked on the optimisation of the team’s new website.

Keyword Research

I ran a thorough competitor analysis to establish en vogue keywords, with separate keyword research in line with brand messaging.

SEO Optimisation

I optimised each page for SEO. From body copy to alt tags to all inbetween, I ensured the website was Google ready.

Content Strategy

Following technical SEO updates, I created a bespoke content strategy, designed to keep the site active, and to target the key audience.

02. The Work

Following a thorough analysis of the Daniel Hopwood website, I went on to fully optimise each page on-site, using extensive keyword research to maximise impact. Following initial implementation, I monitored the site’s movements in Google to ensure updates were having the desired effect. For Daniel Hopwood, I targeted a number of highly competitive terms.

Due to changes made, the website now has a number of page one listings across said terms. Before work began, the website sat at page 19 and below for these same keywords.

03. Client Testimonial

“For a while I was unsure what SEO really meant and if it was necessary for my company. I now know it is, thanks to Charlotte who has guided my web site right up the Google ranking and now I get to pick and choose the right clients.

“There are a lot of SEO companies out there but I was not sure who to trust. Thankfully I found Charlotte through recommendation and I am, in turn, happy to recommended her to you.”