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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

I got way into Star Wars in November last year, to the point that every Saturday was spent in front of the TV watching every chapter for the first time – even the ‘dreadful’ 1990’s years, which I actually liked – judging Leah’s outfits and feeling sorry for Padmé. (Poor Padmé.) The Force Awakens was absolutely brilliant and, now, Rogue One is on its way. Set in the Star Wars universe but not a story containing the usual central characters, as far as I know, the idea of Rogue One piqued my interest but not overly until, of course, this trailer emerged, and on it I saw none other than Felicity Jones, who I adore. From Chalet Girl to Like Crazy to The Theory Of Everything to Star Wars… can this girl do no wrong? I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see how she does as a rebel against the dark side. Much excite. Woo!

TV & Film For A Night On The Sofa


Some nights you want to go out and dance and sing and drink so much cinnamon vodka you smell like a sweet shop come morning, and some nights (/most nights) you just don’t.

For those nights, I have put together some movie and TV suggestions for your perusal. Best watched with chocolate brownies and a cup of tea… Or with sour cream and chive pretzels with a glass of wine. Whatever floats your boat. Anyway, happy lazy Friday on the sofa!

Best TV to watch with your boyfriend: Bob’s Burgers.
Best film to watch with your boyfriend: Psycho. (Because we recently watched and loved it, not because I’m subtly crying for help.) (OR MAYBE I AM!) ( …I’m not.) (I could carry this on for a while.)

Best TV to watch with your best friend: Catfish.
Best film to watch with your best friend: Legally Blondes. (Yes that’s right, there’s a third one, and it is uber trashy.)

Best TV to watch with a friend you’re trying to impress: Mad Men, Breaking Bad, any of those AMC dramas.
Best film to watch with a friend you’re trying to impress: Martha Marcy May Marlene.

Best TV to watch with your cats: Pretty Little Liars. (Oh god that finale! Team #Haleb for life.)
Best film to watch with your cats: …Homeward Bound?

Iris Documentary Review

“A woman is as old as she looks, but a man is never old until he stops looking”
– Iris Apfel, Iris

Last year, I was invited to London based ‘Sun Up Cinema Club’ to watch a documentary about a 93 year old named Iris Apfel. I had never heard of her, but she seemed like a character, so I agreed to go. Despite my best intentions, however, I didn’t make it to the screening (it started at 7am an hour and a half from my house, and the previous night had been my first date with David, so I was a little tired/possibly hungover, and also I am not a morning person so really, who was I kidding?) Today, almost 9 months later, I sat down and gave it a go.

I now have a new found obsession with aging fashionistas.


I have discovered another mind-blowingly beautiful movie: Comet.

Taking place ‘over six years (a few parallel universes over)’ Comet follows the turbulent relationship of Dell (Justin Long) and Kimberly (Emmy Rossum) – seamlessly incorporating stunning visuals, vibrant colours, and a really f’ing cool soundtrack into a touching tale of love and despair, whilst exploring the subtle nuances of a dysfunctional relationship that, despite all odds, means absolutely everything.

Three favourite quotes:
“I’m glad we dated. I needed to date someone like you. Before you I only dated guys who looked good on paper… You were really, really smart. But also… Selfish. Crass. Not always in an entertaining way, mind you. You hated your job, your life, you were completely comfortable being miserable. You were horrible on paper. And I loved you. Being with you made me realize that it doesn’t have to look good on paper to feel good.”

“I feel like I’m in the wrong world. ‘Cause I don’t belong in a world where we don’t end up together.There are parallel universes out there where this didn’t happen. Where I was with you, and you were with me. And whatever universe that is, that’s the one that my heart lives in.”

“If I were a restaurant you’d be my special, but nobody could order you.’ Cause I’d just want you to be mine, just all mine. Not in, like, a biblical slavery-owning sense. Or a pimp-prostitute dynamic of ‘You be mine, bitch.’ But, but just in that, you’re my love. You’re my love. But my favourite thing of all? I like you ‘cause you like me. I think that says a lot about how great you are as a person.”

If you’re looking for an honest and relatable story about how hard relationships can be, and about the build up of small mistakes that can lead to self destruction, Comet – released in the UK on July 3rd –  is for you.

I honestly can’t recommend it enough.

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