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SEO Tips For Bloggers

SEO Tips For Bloggers

I had an SEO Tips for Bloggers series on a former blog that the world and his friend (well, not quite, but let me have this one) had a positive reaction to. That blog is now redirected to this one and a lot of the old posts have gone, including those ones. Because sharing is caring, I thought I’d do a quick refresher for any bloggers seeking SEO tips, and looking to help boost their blog in Google’s rankings. You’ll be #1 in no time.*

Happy List #4


{Please excuse the poor quality image, it’s the only proof I have that this happened}

/ə,eɪ ˈhapi lɪst/

  1. a list of things that make me happy.
  2. an eternal realist’s exercise in optimism.

Here are some (more) of the things that bring me joy…

  1. a pair of socks with foxes on them.
  2. a freelance business and lifestyle blog.


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