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What’s In My Make Up Bag?

What's in my make up bag? - UK Lifestyle Blog - Fox Socks

I’m a bit of a nosy parker, and absolutely love posts that show inside bags, and drawers, and houses and, you know, people’s psyche and stuff. So, after a thorough stalking of Fern Elizabeth’s archives and a chat with Jacquina about our make up routines recently, plus a tumble into the rabbit hole that is Zoella’s backlog of ‘in my bag’ videos, I decided to relive the simpler days of blogging and show you the contents of my make up bag, just in case you’re as curious as I am 🙂

whats-in-my-make-up-bag-fox-socks-uk-lifestyle-blog(Full disclosure, the large items here obviously sit outside my bag – which is an ancient Catseye London – but they’re part of the same routine, so they earned themselves an honorary inclusion.)

A Christmas Bunny

Cox & Cox Rabbit Nightlight

For Christmas, we are gifting our niece a light up bunny. It’s her first Christmas so we wanted to give her something useful yet adorable with a little longevity, and David sadly vito’ed this rocking horse. (Boo!) The problem is, now that it’s arrived… I kinda want to keep it for myself. Bunny boy is geometric and animalistic and, sadly, completely unjustifiable – despite it’s potential ability to curb night terrors -which is why, come Christmas morning, Bea will be receiving the little guy while I sit in my nightlightless home, possibly cracking out the tired old rabbits also pictured above, who were a big blogger craze back in the day. (Does anyone remember these?)

Matilda The Musical

Even if you’re little you can do a lot!

Matilda was my favourite book growing up. With its sarcasm and dodgy parenting and emphasis on the power of a good story, it was right up my street, and I’ve wanted to see it at the theatre for as long as I’ve been in London. Alas, the tickets were always too expensive, and as my time here is running out so were my chances of catching it live. Luckily, I live with the world’s greatest person, who greeted me one night after work with a series of hilariously drawn post it notes holding clues for me to decipher, clues that lead to TICKETS TO MATILDA! YAY!!!

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