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Social Media Management, Blogging, Copywriting

Topfloor by Esti is an award winning design house working out of London’s Chelsea Harbour Design Centre, specialising in bespoke hand made rugs and carpets. Working within an agency environment, I helped to develop the brand voice through social media and blogging.


Written in a voice as close to that of Esti herself as was possible, I worked with Topfloor by Esti to create a series of blog posts. Achieved through studying the lady herself, as well as a thorough immersion in her life’s work, I was able to create copy that breathed life into the website in Esti’s own tones. From editing interviews with celebrated calligraphers to a discussion on the benefits of repurposing intricate rugs as wall hangings, and all that fell inbetween, I explored the world of flooring through the eyes of the brand, sharing my findings as I did so. Well received by the client, blog posts were written with SEO in mind, and shared extensively across social media.

Social Media Management

Strategising and managing the creation and scheduling of weekly content, I wrote regular best practice messaging for Twitter, using the voice developed for the company blog. Using a consistent approach I was able to grow a community from scratch, naturally increasing follower numbers and engagement month on month.

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