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Fox Socks SEO Optimisation. Mercedes-Benz Case Study

SEO Optimisation

A name that needs no introduction, Mercedes-Benz are the luxury brand responsible for the Unimog – not their most well known vehicle, I’ll admit, but one that always stood out to me. As a part of the UK SEO team, I worked on the optimisation of their exciting new website.

SEO Optimisation

Mercedes-Benz run as a part of Daimler AG, a German multinational automotive corporation. Due to this, all copy for the UK site was written in their Stuttgart headquarters, and translated down the line. Following a thorough analysis of the proposed UK site, it was my job to review this translated copy, and optimise it for SEO. First ensuring the translations read well in their new language, I went on to fully optimise each page, using extensive keyword research to maximise impact across the copy. Metas, alt tags, headers and body copy all fell into this remit, giving each new page their best chance to shine in search listings.

The new website will be rolled out in 2017, with optimisation recommendations in place.

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