The Faux IKEA Furniture Engagement

Fox socks engagement story


Who: David. Me.

What: A Proposal.

Where: Our dining room, in the cottage we had moved into that day, surrounded by unpacked boxes and a hella lot of candles.

When: Sunday, 26th Feb 2017, early evening.

The Detail: “I’ve bought something from IKEA,” he said, “it’s the only thing I haven’t run by you.” “Hmmm,” I said. “I’m going to go into the dining room and set it up, don’t come in until I tell you to,” he said. “Hmmmm,” I said. “Close your eyes and I’ll guide you in,” he said. “Don’t walk me into the door,” I replied. He walked me into the doorframe. “Open your eyes,” he said. Candles everywhere. ‘Where is the furniture?’ I thought, slower than your average bear. “I found this amazing thing in London,” he said, “it was you.” “Oh my god,” on repeat. More words that didn’t convert to long term memory. Down on one knee. “Will you marry me?” “Yes.” “Yes?” “Yes.” “Which finger does it go on?” A diamond ring. A rapid heartbeat. A box containing at least a hundred tealights. No flat packed furniture I hadn’t helped to choose. Phone calls to family members. Sherlock on borrowed Blu Ray. Chinese food and wine in new tumblers. A fiance. The perfect engagement. ❤️️💍

Today, We Are Grown Ups


Brief post today, but good news – we’ve exchanged contracts on our house! To those of you that haven’t spent the past SIX MONTHS living and breathing the world of mortgages, this means it’s 100% legally happening, which I’ll tell you, is a relief. I am simultaneously excited and instantly exhausted by this news – I need a nap to recover from the weight that has just been lifted from my shoulders, but also I want to jump up and down because yay! Luckily I’m trampolining in Soho tomorrow night and have many a blanket for tonight, so both needs will shortly be met.

To cut a long story short, we will now be spending the next 11 days sorting our lives out and then, on the 26th, we move. Wish us luck, and stay tuned for a sneaky cottage tour once we’re in. Eek! xxx

Above image is one D made of us when we first put in an offer, it is the five of us chillin’ in our new living room, watching Netflix and eating cheese and cookies. Bliss.


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