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My name is Charlotte, I have two cats and a golden retriever, and I live in a cottage in Greater Manchester. I (very, it was this Feb) recently made the switch from Londoner to northerner, and now share a much less stressful life with my boyfriend, our zoo, and so many books we could fill a library. Hi!

I have been a writer since I was tiny, and a marketer since graduation. Working in the world’s top agencies, as well as some of London’s more niche, boutique agencies, I have carefully honed my skills in copywriting, social media marketing, SEO content strategy and blogger outreach. I have worked on clients from Tesco Mobile to Harvey Nichols, and have learned something new from each of them. I now work for myself, offering services in the areas outlined above. I specialise in marketing and writing for fashion, interior design, food and lifestyle, but am happy to consider any project. The long and short of it is that I really, really love what I do, and I usually do it with a smile. I always do it with tea. You can view examples of my work in my portfolio, here.

Aside from my professional credentials, I run a UK lifestyle blog. Fox Socks the blog covers everything from sleeptalking adventures to puppy school mishaps to recipes that are bad for you but taste amazing, and has been running in its current state since 2014, with a name change in 2016. My blog gives me a space for creative writing, whilst helping me to keep on top of trends in the blogosphere and on social media. It’s a space that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and I love it.

Whether you’re here for work or play, or just to find someone new to stalk on Twitter (I’m here), welcome! I look forward to getting to know you soon.

  1. a pair of socks with foxes on them.
  2. a freelance business and lifestyle blog.


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