Co-op and Costa hit the Cobbles

This week it was revealed that ITV’s Coronation Street has struck a deal with both coffee chain Costa and the Co-op Food supermarket chain.

I’ve noticed, over the past few months, characters carrying home Co-op bags for life, and drinking out of takeaway Costa cups. I thought there was just some additional product placement in addition to the usual position within the bus stop where previously poster ads for shops like H Samuel have been placed.


A Soap First?!
It turns out that Corrie have taken things a step further. They are actually expanding the set to incorporate Costa and Co-op shops into the Weatherfield landscape!

If, like me, you’re a dedicated Corrie fan, you’ll be wondering A) what will happen to business at Roy’s Rolls, and B) if Dev’s corner shop and Freshco’s will be feeling the heat, too.

Brand Values
The key with product placement is of course that the brands match up with each other. The values behind the Co-op are focused around the community, honesty and openness. The community feel has been built up in Corrie over recent years, particularly with Sally, the Mayor, living on the street, and the development of the community centre.

Honesty? Not so sure…

When I first saw someone drinking from a Costa cup I did have to do a double take, wondering first of all if Roy’s was doing new takeaway cups. It will be interesting to see the impact that this has on the street, and also on the viewers, as everyone knows that if you’re going for coffee, you’re going to Roy’s.

The Viewers
A look at responses on Twitter shows a mixed bag of emotions – some viewers are glad to find out there is actually a Costa in Weatherfield they’ve just never seen yet.  Others are concerned about the sustainability aspect, hoping that the residents of Coronation Street can switch to reusable cups in the near future. The rest seem a wee bit worried about the future of Roy’s and other jobs on the street. Surely, building a Co-op and a Costa will create more jobs, not get rid of them; the debate in my house is whether there’ll be characters working in the shops, or employees!

Think positive, Corrie fans! Let’s see how it unfolds.


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