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As you may be aware, Celebrity Big Brother returned to our TV screens just after the New Year. Now, I can’t say I’m an avid watcher of the show – I watched last year’s first episode because Barry Evans from EastEnders was on it – but that was all.

This year seemed different. Beginning with an all-woman line up to honour the 100th anniversary of women getting the right to vote (yay!) sounded truly empowering to us ladies.

The line-up features a whole spectrum of women, from glamour models, to politicians, to reality TV stars and the first transgender television newsreader, India Willoughby.

With Big Brother showcasing all kinds of women, shortly followed by a group of men, one of which is a drag queen – Courtney Act from RuPaul’s Drag Race – love her, there have been debates, discussions and fallouts between contestants, and amongst the public too.

The most recent discussions have centred on what gender is, the difference between Drag Queens and Trans people, which may have been particularly educational for the British public.

Worlds Apart
This type of debate was highlighted by Heineken last year, in an advert called “Worlds Apart” which paired up opinionated members of the public with opposing beliefs, not knowing anything about each other prior to the experiment. It was set up with an icebreaker where each pair must construct a table and chairs, before using them for a Q&A session where they talk about what it is to be them, things they have in common, before each partner revealed their beliefs and who they truly are.

One of the pairs is a Transgender lady and a Transphobic gent. At the start, the former says “It’s absolutely critical that Trans people have their own voice”, followed by the latter commenting “That’s not right you can’t, you know, you’re a man be a man or you’re a female be a female.”

In the Q&A session, the lady tells the man how she is ex-military, and he tells her that he’s proud of her already, not knowing much more.

The pairs then watch the footage shown at the beginning of the ad and realise that they have opposing beliefs.

Heineken offers the pairs to either part ways, or discuss their differences over a beer, and once they sit and talk things out with a bottle of Heineken in hand, it really is heart-warming to see the understanding between the two.

Watch the ad here:

Acceptance is the way forward
Bringing up topics like this, as well as feminism and popular topics of discussion in advertising allows for the public to talk about it in their social circles, and educate themselves.

Heineken did a great job of promoting acceptance of one another, and having a beer over it feels almost secondary to the message of the ad. It was great viewing, and it’s wonderful to see things like this being talked about not only in advertising but on theTV itself too.


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