We’re Back! (Have Been For A While, Actually…)

Well hello there! Apologies if you’ve been missing our marketing-ey updates, the fault is mine entirely, and one I won’t be making excuses for (except the excuse about us being completely rushed off our feet in January, but that’s more of a reason than an excuse… right?)

Christmas was a lovely time for team Fox Socks, filled with great food, good friends and family fun times. We’ve been back since the first (dedicated are we) and have been working up a storm across clients, old and new.

So, happy new year! We can’t wait to start sharing our thoughts with you again soon.

New post coming Friday… (Promise!)


{Photo by STIL on Unsplash}


Charlotte is the founder of Fox Socks Limited, and the 'I' behind all of the first person references across this site. She enjoys cuddling with her fiance and four pets, reading, writing, and anything millennial pink. When Charlotte isn't working, she spends her time drinking tea(/wine), binge watching Netflix and moaning about her cottage renovation @charfoxsocks