Fox Socks: The Latest

Howdy ho boys and girls, I thought it was time I gave a bit of a company update… Because, well, why not? ‘Tis the season for giving, after all.

Without further ado:

How you doin’?

Since it’s inception in February 2017, Fox Socks has gone from strength to strength. I gained my first client the day after finishing my job at the Publicis Groupe, and haven’t had a down day since.

It’s wonderful, being this busy, and even better to have established a core base of clients that keep coming back for more. Recent projects include everything from brand voice development, to SEO optimisation, to paid social, and all that’s inbetween.

Some recent case studies: Daniel Hopwood SEO, Little Moose copy development, Adjust SEO

{Intern}al affairs

By which I mean, I have hired interns. I’m not having an affair with either, that was just a bad pun…

As you may know if you follow me on Instagram, I took the initiative to contact the local university last month, after realising my workload was bordering on ridiculous. After wading through over 100 CVs, I invited 4 students to meet for cake and tea. In the end, I hired two of them – both marketing masters students, both brilliant. Lee now works with me on Tuesdays, on a range of marketing tasks, while Laura contributes blog posts. You can find Lee on Twitter, here, and Laura on her blog, here.

The cake >>

The company blog

You may or may not have noticed a spew of blog posts coming from these parts as of late. Rather than a space purely for self promotion, the Fox Socks blog is a place to chat about marketing, discuss who we are, and highlight the goings on in our (very fun) industry. The blog is written by all three of our official staff members. You can see all posts from a particular person by clicking on their name. Or by clicking the links below.

Posts by Charlotte. Posts by Lee. Posts by Laura.

A new office

To date, the majority of my many assignments have been completed on the sofa. While this may sound heavenly, it’s actually a bit of a pain. Coming soon, though, Fox Socks will have it’s own little Manchester office, shared with web development agency, Kayzen Digital. Following renovations, Fox Socks will be operated out of a real office space, with a printer and desks and, because there’s no escape from my pet lady status, office mascots in the form of fur babies.


Watch this space xx


Charlotte is the founder of Fox Socks Limited, and the 'I' behind all of the first person references across this site. She enjoys cuddling with her fiance and four pets, reading, writing, and anything millennial pink. When Charlotte isn't working, she spends her time drinking tea(/wine), binge watching Netflix and moaning about her cottage renovation @charfoxsocks