Bolton Boy Is The Breadwinner

Bolton isn’t known for many things. Textiles? Yes. A grumble about being labelled as an extension of Manchester, when it should be a city in its own right, goshdarnit? Definitely. Thick toast? If the cafe across the road from the town hall is to be believed, then yes. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on that one.

There are two things that do put Bolton on the map, however, the first of which – and perhaps this is where that toast claim came from – is Warburtons. A five generation family run bakery, household name Warburtons has been making bread in Bolton since 1876, and show no signs of slowing down. The second is Peter Kay, who needs no introduction. It’s only natural, then, that the popular pair would team up, for the creation of the new Warburton’s advert. And that it would be comedy gold.

The first thing to note is that, in this advert, the usually rather rounded Kay looks a little different with his unexpected six-pack, and I don’t mean a six-pack of Soft White Rolls. Take a look for yourself…

Pride and Breadjudice. Peter Kay Warburtons advert. Laura Waldron. Fox Socks Limited Manchester Marketing Blog

Not bad.

Following the established theme of presenting current chairman Jonathan Warburton with the pitch for a movie – previously done through a musical in the Giant Crumpet Show by the Muppets – the advert takes us through Peter’s idea for a period drama parody to celebrate the company’s 141st birthday. We envisage the story of the original Bolton bakery founder, played by Kay, with a rather seedy theme. Seedy, being the operative word, as the product in focus is the Warburton’s Seeded Batch.

The title? Pride and Breadjudice.

My verdict? Love it.

Throughout the advert, Peter Kay narrates his tale in a broad Bolton accent, sharing the story of how Tommy Warburton the Seed Salesman began his business – interrupted briefly by a phone call from Auntie Barbara – “R BABS” –  and leading to an homage, unsure whether scripted or not, to his famous line:

“Do you do Garlic bread?”


With Kay’s signature good humour, the quirky advert was bound to be full of gems, and didn’t disappoint. My favourite:

“I’ve done the frilly shirt and the ‘orse, that’s yer lot” (You’ll find it funny when seen in context, promise!)

Having a much-loved British legend with roots in the very city that Warburton’s began will definitely help in the sharing and conversation around the campaign which was, astoundingly, created by a pair of creative advertising graduates from Bucks New University. The film pitch style really draws you in, and you really do have to watch it, then watch it with friends, send to family, and watch again, just as I have. And then, just to hammer home your new love for seeds, why not get involved on Twitter, using the hashtags #movietitleswithbreadpuns and #PrideandBreadjudice.

I’ll be keeping the Seedy ad in my mind next time I go food shopping, that’s for sure.

Please excuse me while I put it on just one more time…


Laura is a content marketing intern at Fox Socks Limited. She enjoys going to gigs and cooing at cats (even though she's allergic). When Laura isn't talking campaigns with the FS team, she spends her time studying for her masters in Marketing (Communications), writing her own hilarious blog, and tweeting about the Gallaghers @loz_wald