Why Are You Called Fox Socks?

Fun fact: This is the question I am most often asked, after ‘so what does Fox Socks actually do?’ and ‘how much is that going to cost me?’

The answer, as all good answers are, is a simple one. Yet it’s not the one I always give. Instead, I pull one of two options from the depths of my sac magique (otherwise known as a magic bag/my brainbox, otherwise known as a thinly veiled – and completely out of place, what is life without whimsy – reference to Tots TV). Option one is the ‘I can see you’re being polite, so I won’t keep you’ answer, and it is as follows: Marketing agencies need a random name, you need something a little quirky to be remembered. After which we will all move on with our lives, and the case will be good and closed. This answer isn’t strictly a lie, FYI, as it’s part of the reason I kept the name on, but it’s not where it stemmed from. And so, if you’re one of the few that wonders with genuine interest, the story of Fox Socks (option two) is as follows…

It was January 2016. I was sitting on my bed in my London house share, probably freezing half to death because that house was enormous, yes, but it was also very cold. I had decided to begin blogging again, following a brief hiatus, and wanted a rebrand. Looking at my then boyfriend – now fiance – I chose a name that related to our relationship: Fox Socks.

Spinning back to the start, the narrative takes us to a pair of Primark knee highs, a £2.99 afterthought that became much more significant than they were ever meant to be. Grey and cosy and covered in foxy gingers, this particular pair of socks was one I’d wear under jeans, with pyjamas, basically in any situation that wasn’t public, and when my socks wouldn’t be seen by outside forces.

One night, my fiance was staying at my house, and needed a way to toast his toes (as I said, my house resided in the ice age). After some deliberation between shocks of pink and scraps of fabric masquerading as socks (you know the kind, you wear them with open top pumps and they never stay put) the knee highs were handed over. And, perhaps not unsurprisingly, as they’re as adorable as they are practical, he loved them. From then on out, he’d borrow the fox adorned socks whenever the chance arose until, eventually and with reluctance, I relinquished my power and handed them over for good.

But that wasn’t the last I’d hear from my former foot warmers.

One day, my fiance text me to say he was wearing his fox socks, because he was missing me. And then he did it again, and again, and again, even taking them on holiday when skiing with a friend, and sending me socksy photos to signal that I was on his mind whenever we were apart.

For a lifestyle blog about my life, then, the name just fit. And when Fox Socks developed into a business? Well, this company was formed by my love of marketing, and Fox Socks is a name that spawned from love, so… Why not, hey? Why the hell not.

You see? Simple! (Yet lengthy, and not always the kind of tale people are asking for.)

The lifestyle blog that once bore this name ended in alignment with the beginning of this business, by the way, but I continue to ramble on Instagram if you’d like to get to know me better. As for Fox Socks the small agency? It’s all going very well, thanks. Why… Were you after something?



{Photo by Francisco Moreno on Unsplash}


Charlotte is the founder of Fox Socks Limited, and the 'I' behind all of the first person references across this site. She enjoys cuddling with her fiance and four pets, reading, writing, and anything millennial pink. When Charlotte isn't working, she spends her time drinking tea(/wine), binge watching Netflix and moaning about her cottage renovation @charfoxsocks