I Am Hilarious On Twitter*

*Even if I am the only one who thinks so.

So things have been a little quiet on this here space. My apologies, I have been busy. But since you probably didn’t notice I was gone and that’s not why I’m posting right now anyway, let’s move on without further explanation to the real reason I’m here… I have been very funny recently, and no-one is appreciating my genius. You should all hang your heads in shame.

I first realised I was an under appreciated commodity last week, after a visit to the Trafford Centre (my first visit, that place is amazing) when, after pottering around taking in the sights and sounds and accents with my S.O, I posted three dazzlingly funny messages in quick succession, and they did not immediately go viral. Not one of them.

Oh, the humanity.

More for my own records than for yours, below is a redelivery of said tweets:

nervous lion statue. Manchester trafford centreCaption:
*nervous laughter*

carousel playing frank sinatra. Manchester trafford centreCaption:
Children’s carousel. Song playing: My Way, Frank Sinatra

gino the caffe nero gingerbread man. Manchester trafford centreCaption:
Gino is having a bad day

As I’m sure you can appreciate, it is amazing they didn’t gain more traction.

In other news, now the ice is well and truly broken, I will be making an effort to blog more frequently now my move/engagement/new business has settled, so prepare yourself for country living updates from the mouth of a city girl. YAY! (All I wear now is wellingtons.)

In brief to save a full life lately post (though I may do one of those anyway, undecided) lately I have been watching Riverdale & Jane The Virgin, reading The Secret Garden and Life Swap, and spending time drinking wine and eating pizza/mixed grills with my original GBF, John (who has just started a new blog that I can assure you will be magnificent) and drinking wine/tea and visiting the Manchester cat cafe with my new friend Hollie, who is the actual best.

Also you can follow me on Twitter here if you agree that I am on top form joke wise. If not, then… No hard feelings.

*fist in mouth, single tear, runs away*

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