Where has all my money gone? An investigation (2.0)

where has all my money gone. asos monki lingadore. fox socks

Documenting the things I buy, that I probably didn’t need to buy, but that I bought anyway. #2. (#1 can be found here)

In the interest of full disclosure, most of my money at the moment is going on food. Food, and house stuff that is necessary and therefore not very interesting – plates and bathroom cabinets and paint samples and the like. Also that £90 kitchen bin David bought with our joint funds without consulting me, which I have agreed not to talk about. “It cleans itself!” apparently. I am yet to see the evidence.

Above, though, is where our spending analysis adventure begins, with something even more frivolous than all the chips and gravy I’ve paid for since becoming northern – a beautiful silky feel lacy slip dress from Lingadore.  Much longer on me than on the model, and SUCH a nice colour in person, this goes down as one of my favourite buys as of late, partly because the material is lush, but mostly because it’s good to feel good even when sleepy, and I feel better in this than I do in my flowery Primark granny PJs. £30.

Also pictured: a  form fitting, 60’s feeling Monki Colourblock Polo Mini Dress. £25.

NPW cupcake shower cap

I don’t think this one needs any explanation beyond ‘LOL’ (at the time of buying I had convinced myself I needed something to cover my hair when I bathe. I have since realised I was wrong.) £5.


where has all my money gone. haribo milk bottles. fox socks

An enormous bag of milk bottles for my mum, because she has always liked milk bottles. Amazon suggested I go for the 3kg bag, and I blindly trusted them. Do you know how many milk bottles are in a 3kg bag? Because I didn’t. Spoiler: There are a lot. £14.25

where has all my money gone. maneki neko pink and white. fox socks

Maneki Neko, pink for love and white for health. Purchased after watching a Joanna Lumley cat documentary on YouTube. Technically, David bought me these as he saw me looking at them and ordered at the same time I did, so I got a refund. But cute enough to warrant a mention regardless. £13.99

New books: The Basic Eight by Lemony Snicket (£2.81) Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan. Disney A Twisted Tail: As Old As Time by Liz Braswell (2 for £7 at ASDA)

where has all my money gone. Joules dog print wellies. fox socks

It has rained/snowed/hailed every day since we arrived in ye olde greater Manchester. Add this to the fact we have a mud loving GR, and wellies become a necessity. These ones are adorable and warm and give the impression that I am a dog lover to other dog walkers. They don’t need to know I prefer cats. £24.95

And lastly, due to the aforementioned weather, this past week everyone in the house has come down with some sort of coldy fluey bug. The dog, the cats, David. I am currently still just on the right side of healthy, and am fighting the oncoming storm with Vicks First Defence nasal spray, £6.49, which is amazing. Also giving lemon green tea a go, on the subject of health, which tastes just like sherbet lemon, £1.99.

Next planned purchase? Watch this space…

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