What I Won’t Miss

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I recently shared a list of things I will miss about London. This is what I won’t miss… 😉


Rush hour traffic.

Standing on the train in rush hour traffic.

Anything to do with TFL. (I hate you TFL.)

Crazy people shouting about eternal damnation.

Leaflet pushers.

Tourists that stand on the left.

The level of rage I experience when tourists stand on the left.

OK, fine, just tourists in general. Will you MOVE?

And rage in general, while I’m at it. London makes me angry.

Oxford Street on Saturday.

The distance between places worth visiting.

The no reservation policy at every hot restaurant.

East London hipsters.

City of London suit wearers. Especially en masse.

Complaints about vermin.

Temporary friendships.

Temporary relationships.

Temporary everything.

Pressure to get involved. In everything. All the time.

Sharing personal space.

The cost of living.

Unpaid internships.

Low paid jobs.

Sore feet.

Dry skin.



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