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Dreamcatchers at Camden Market London. Fox Socks Lifestyle Blog. What I will miss about London

Finally, a sort of follow up to ‘A Series Of Firsts,’ in which I conclude that open ended post with this one, using the words ‘the first time you move cities with someone, and buy a house together.’ We are in the final stages of closing a deal on a cottage in the north, and I am in the final weeks of work, so now I can finally breathe and blog again. And find a word other than finally to express the sentiment of ‘finally.’ I’ll work on that one later.

I am ready to leave the capital. However, even when you’re ready to pack up and leave a place behind, there are things you will inevitably miss. Here are the things I will miss about London…


Media parties I never attend, but hear endless stories about from hungover colleagues.

Free vending machine hot chocolate.

The view from the roof.

Themed ‘events’. Alice In Wonderland afternoon tea in a cafe off a playhouse, for example. And ‘immersive theatre’ in abandoned buildings.

Public PR stunts.

The increased possibility of bumping into Prince Harry.

Camden Market photobooths.

Camden Market. (Look at those dreamcatchers ^)

Street art making cultural references.

Godiva chocolate covered strawberries.

Konditor and Cook brownies.

Ben’s Cookies.

The excuse for brunch.

The excuse for lunch.

The excuse for dinner. (London is all about food. In my head, anyway.)

Pop up foodie spots. Both those I will and won’t visit. The roast potato cafe, for example, and the naked restaurant.

Speaking of which, the following places to eat: Dip & Flip. NY Fold. Motherclucker. Drunken Monkey.

The London Eye from a distance.

Tower Bridge up close.

The theatre district.


Especially that street off Brick Lane where Rough Trade is housed.

Also Brick Lane market. And Brick Lane trash shops. And Brick Lane curry.

Buskers covering Ed Sheeran in Trafalgar Square.

Street performers doing weird things in Covent Garden.

Exhibitions at National Portrait Gallery.

Afternoons wandering the V&A.

Dinosaurs in the Science Museum.

Eccentric dressers.

Eccentric dressers during London Fashion Week.

London Fashion Week.

Relative anonymity.

Shopping past 6pm.

The view from The Shard.

The ladies we walk the dog with.

A close proximity to the Eurostar.

Our first real home as a couple.


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