Where Has All My Money Gone? An Investigation


Documenting the things I buy, that I probably didn’t need to buy, but that I bought anyway. #1.

I never clothes shop. It’s one thing about me that has always been true. I’m good for a base wardrobe buy, but can never garner the energy for a frivolous clothing based purchase, partly due to laziness, partly due to annoyances caused by differing clothing sizes by shop. By this I mean, in ASOS I am both a size 6 and a size 14, whereas in life I am an 8. Where do you even start with that nonsense? In a NEW YEAR NEW ME frenzy I have decided to build up a better wardrobe. There’s only so many times you can sew up a hole with the wrong coloured thread before it’s time to move on, you know?

Above: Pinky lilac tea dress, £10. Suedette shoobs, £12. ‘Tea’ shirt, £12.99. Belted shirt dress, £24.00.


On a related note: this coat. I already own a parka but last month I pulled the waist based drawstrings so hard that they snapped. Now I have convinced myself a new parka is needed, rather than a repair. January Sales (and the pocket detailing) make this OK. £25.


Cora is a big fan of toys by HappyPets. She was ecstatic when I handed her an exact replica of a duck she took a shine to in puppy school, and promptly tore him to pieces to show her appreciation. On Christmas Day, we replaced him with a swan. She now parades said swan in her jaws for anyone willing to interact with her. Which is everyone, for she is a babe. On a dog mum high, I last week purchased her a ‘Chattering Chimp’ to join her toy fam. It cost me £9.99 and I definitely didn’t need to buy it. I’m starting to see why my bank accounts run dry.

Not pictured: Winnie the Pooh. Another Cora purchase. £2.50, Barnados. (Bargain.)


Marley & Me. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? Skeleton Crew. The Constant Princess. Rumours.

Books = life. 99p- £2.80.

christmas-eve-yankee-candle-largeChristmas is over. Why can’t I just move on? £16.47. Worth every almost-unspent penny.

Also this morning I got an Uber to the train station. £5.83. Disgrace.

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