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What's in my make up bag? - UK Lifestyle Blog - Fox Socks

I’m a bit of a nosy parker, and absolutely love posts that show inside bags, and drawers, and houses and, you know, people’s psyche and stuff. So, after a thorough stalking of Fern Elizabeth’s archives and a chat with Jacquina about our make up routines recently, plus a tumble into the rabbit hole that is Zoella’s backlog of ‘in my bag’ videos, I decided to relive the simpler days of blogging and show you the contents of my make up bag, just in case you’re as curious as I am ūüôā

whats-in-my-make-up-bag-fox-socks-uk-lifestyle-blog(Full disclosure, the large items here obviously sit outside my bag – which is an ancient Catseye London – but they’re part of the same routine, so they earned themselves an honorary¬†inclusion.)

Skincare: I am terrible at applying foundation, so I tend to rely on skincare to make my face look acceptable. (That’s the official reason, the real one being that I am on a one woman rampage against developing wrinkles.) So I’m currently using…¬†Johnson’s Makeup Be Gone moisturising wipes. Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water. Alpha Hydrox Anti-Wrinkle (smells like PVA glue but makes my face feel great, I only use this one every so often because no-one wants to smell like a nursery school. Also it actually belongs to David, sooo…). CeraVe Moisturising Lotion. Andalou Deep Wrinkle Dermal Filler. Holland & Barrett Hydrolysed Collagen caplets (3 a day). Palmers Cocoa Butter lip balm. Blistex Intensive (lip) Moisturiser.

Haircare: A comb. A headband. Grips & a bobble.

Make up: I only tend to wear make up on my eyes, so all this is applied to the general eye area. I gave up my 2014 lipstick phase in exchange for kissing without making a mess, a sacrifice I was more than willing to make. In my bag… Collection primed & ready illuminating & reviving eye primer. Rimmel Wake Me Up anti-fatigue effect & radiant glow concealer. Maybelline Dream Matte mousse. Rimmel Stay Matte long-lasting pressed powder. Rimmel Scandaleyes Reloaded. Maybelline gel eyeliner. Collection Fast Stroke liquid eyeliner. ¬†Maxfactor Diva Coral nail varnish.

Tools: Body Shop make up brush. Tweezerman tweezers. Kevyn Aucoin eyelash curlers.

Etc:¬†Issey Miyake Absolue perfume. Dove roll on deodorant. Oral B Satin Floss. MiaRome relaxing lavender temple balm. Carex hand sanitiser – because London is grimy and pets can be dirty and it’s better to have clean hands than sore eyes.

Not pictured: Coconut Batiste, of course. A chewed up hairbrush (pet life). & a super expensive jar of Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine day cream that my colleague handed me from a goody bag FOR FREE yesterday Рheaven.


I also drink lots of water from my beauuuuutiful Kate Spade water bottle. And that is that!

This will probably all change by this time next month but hey, let’s call this a time capsule. What’s in your make up bag?

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