Matilda The Musical

Even if you’re little you can do a lot!

Matilda was my favourite book growing up. With its sarcasm and dodgy parenting and emphasis on the power of a good story, it was right up my street, and I’ve wanted to see it at the theatre for as long as I’ve been in London. Alas, the tickets were always too expensive, and as my time here is running out so were my chances of catching it live. Luckily, I live with the world’s greatest person, who greeted me one night after work with a series of hilariously drawn post it notes holding clues for me to decipher, clues that lead to TICKETS TO MATILDA! YAY!!!

As I said, I’ve been keen on seeing this show for around 4 years now, so there was a chance expectations wouldn’t be met. It was worth the wait.

With a definite Tim Minchin flavour to proceedings, Roald Dahl’s Matilda – for those of you that don’t know – follows the story of a small girl with TV hog parents, who loves nothing more than to read. A very clever little creature, Matilda spends all of her spare time either at the library, or at home punishing her parents for their repeatedly bad behavior. Eventually, Matilda starts school, and all sorts of crazy stuff starts happening… Aaaand I won’t tell you anything more on the storyline, because you’re better off discovering it for yourself. (Read the book if you can’t make it to the theatre, it’s great even as an adult.)

The show was absolutely brilliant. The little girl who played Matilda on the night, whose name I can’t find, was the epitome of talent. The Trunchbull was hilarious. And the Amanda Thripp hair incident was so well done it kinda looked like a small child had legit just been thrown through the air by her pigtails. Bruce Bogtrotter did a sassy little dance number at one stage, and all of the songs were so on point that both of us have been singing them since. (This one was my favourite. Judging by how often I’ve heard it being sung since, this was David’s.) The set was great, the story was true to Dahl’s sarcastic nature, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I even cried at the end, that’s how good it was.

As you may have gathered, I could honestly go on forever about how much I adored this show, but at the risk of saying too much and spoiling things I’ll end it on: you have to see Matilda the Musical. It’s the best thing at the London West End. 👧


Also worth seeing: Aladdin. Dirty Dancing. Wicked. Les Miserables. Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.
Other Roald Dahl’s worth re-reading: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The Twits. The BFG.

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