A Christmas Bunny

Cox & Cox Rabbit Nightlight

For Christmas, we are gifting our niece a light up bunny. It’s her first Christmas so we wanted to give her something useful yet adorable with a little longevity, and David sadly vito’ed this rocking horse. (Boo!) The problem is, now that it’s arrived… I kinda want to keep it for myself. Bunny boy is geometric and animalistic and, sadly, completely unjustifiable – despite it’s potential ability to curb night terrors -which is why, come Christmas morning, Bea will be receiving the little guy while I sit in my nightlightless home, possibly cracking out the tired old rabbits also pictured above, who were a big blogger craze back in the day. (Does anyone remember these?)

… Or maybe I’ll just remember I’m a grown up and get on with making Christmas dinner sans nightlight. Might be an idea 😉

In other news: This dinosaur nightlight – which reminds me, dinosaurs rule – is also a winner. These instructions result in perfect dippy eggs (this post isn’t doing much to make me look like a grown up, is it?) and these make amazing homemade chicken nuggets (top tip: add mature cheddar to the blender mix.) Today Cora and I had our first solo walk, aaaaand I’ve decided I need a whole new wardrobe… So, who wants to give me the money I need for that? Anyone? Eh, it was worth a shot.

1 week ’til Christmas!!

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