A Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

This selection is gloriously random, but I figure most of us are buying for more than one person, so it works. Yay Christmas shopping!


🎅A Fox Socks Christmas Gift Guide🎅

The ‘my friend is a child of the flowers and likes her homeware earthy’ gift

I was recently gifted this vase^, and I absolutely adore it. Handmade, sturdy and the ideal home for a small bunch of flowers, I’m convinced it’s the perfect gift for a girlfriend, new homeowner, or general chic-interiors-with-a-rustic-twist enthusiast. Reasonably priced, too. Buy one here.

The ‘let’s soak in some culture together’ gift

Last year, David treated me to Sleeping Beauty tickets. The year before that, I saw Alice In Wonderland. And last night we went to a live viewing of The Nutcracker in Mayfair. Ballet is the ultimate in Christmas culture. (Theatre tickets are also a good shout.)

The ‘obligatory beauty’ gift

A Kevyn Aucoin eyelash curler, does what it says on the tin. (And does it really, really well.) Get a pair here.

The ‘we’re reaching the point of having played Cards Against Humanity too many times guys’ gift

Cards Against Humanity: the party game for terrible, terrible (read: hilarious, hilarious) people is an age old favourite. But there are only so many times you can play it before you need to take a breather. According to my oldest friend, ‘Skulls’ is a great game of bluffing that is also very funny. You can buy it here.

The ‘weatherproof your tote obsession before your books disintegrate’ gift

Do you know someone that owns loads of canvas totes, but always moans when it rains and their belongings inevitably get soaked and destroyed? I was that person until I bought one of these bags, and a year and a half into daily use it’s still going strong. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. You can find one here.

The ‘hey gin lover, how many times are you going to ask me to ‘come to candy mountain Charlie’?’ gift

This stuff looks fantastic. It makes me wish I liked gin. Also, DO you want to come to candy mountain, Charlie? Buy a friend that does a cheeky bottle of unicorn tears, here.

The ‘your cat is your precious, I’m on your side’ gift

My landlady, also a good friend of my boyfriend (and the star of the first story in this post), went through a phase of putting her cats in a tiny frog hat, and sending photos to everyone she knew. She’d be so into this. (LOL, let’s not pretend I’m not also into this, shall we.)

The ‘you like your tea hot and your anime iconic’ gift

Tea gets cold, Totoro is (apparently) awesome, and (I’m assured) not at all creepy. If you know a hot tea drinker who knows who this is, this gift could be the one.

The ‘because I know you like rabbits, and I know you like cheese’ gift*

*Sneaky Friends reference, actually nothing to do with rabbits, I don’t think? Hampers are generally just an awesome gift. I would not say no to one of these.

Happy Christmassing!


Side note: I have finished all of my shopping, and am now faced with the dreaded wrapping of gifts. Boooo. Then comes the beloved watching of people opening said gifts. Woooo! I really need to get around to buying a tree…

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