Bridget Jones’s Baby

Bridget’s focus on single life and her career is interrupted when she finds herself pregnant, but with one hitch … she can only be fifty percent sure of the identity of her baby’s father.

After what felt like a lifetime of waiting (can be very dramatic in affairs of the Jones) yesterday I went to see Bridget Jones’ Baby. And oh my god, it was worth the wait. Set many, many years after the Edge of Reason, Baby see’s Bridget at her goal weight, at the top of her career and, once again, alone – sadly Mark Darcy has married someone that is hopefully not as awful as Natasha, and Bridget has never fully gotten over him. It is on a mission to finally move on that Bridget meets Jack, before a reunion of sorts a week later with Mark where, in true Mark and Bridget fashion, she has a profiterole in her hair and he is bumbling about divorce. These two ‘puppet shows,’ as a grown up Shaz refers to them in front of her children, result in an unplanned pregnancy… Oops.

Without giving anything away, Bridget Jones’s Baby is absolutely brilliant, and definitely on a par with Bridget Jones’s Diary, which I have loved even since before I was old enough to really understand what was going on. We’ll bypass the Edge Of Reason, shall we. The first of the Bridget’s not based on a book, Bridget Jones’s Baby is funny, honest, and grown up. Nights of drunken debauchery are replaced with cancellations due to babysitter let downs and meetings about adopting a ‘gayby,’ hopelessness in the workplace replaced by almost complete competence, a tendency to give everything to a man replaced by self-preservation. Bridget is, basically, grown up, and yet is as relatable as she’s always been. Especially when her reasons for her failed engagement to Mark Darcy surface, a sub-plot that shows the importance of working hard in a relationship, even if you have found the one you like ‘just as she is.’

With an Ed Sheeran cameo, references to the first two films (someone shouts ‘come the fuck ON, Bridget,’ a fight is referenced though, thankfully, not followed through – first film fight was fab, second film fight was eye roll worthy – the majority of the original cast are present, including Una) and a fitting goodbye to Daniel Cleaver, Bridget Jones’s Baby was everything I wanted it to be, and I left the cinema feeling very happy.

I’m v. glad they made this film instead of following the way of the books, let’s put it that way. Baby is much more Bridget than Mad About The Boy. Five stars. 👶





Oh my God I couldn’t agree more! I saw this with Mum at the weekend and I absolutely wept laughing. I actually want to say it’s my favourite out of the three although Bridget Jones’ Diary will always have my heart.

I loved the subtle references to the first two films, and I’m so pleased it didn’t follow the plot of the last book – aside from y’know, her having a child – because I was SO disappointed when I read it. I also loved the fact that, despite her having her shit together for once, she was still classic Bridget!



Oh man, I still haven’t been and now I keep hearing about the HUGE TWIST RIGHT AT THE END and am desperate to go. Must make a plan!!

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