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I am not, traditionally, a dog person. I haven’t made a secret of that. Anyone that knows me knows that cats are my life source and my soul food and I can’t see one in the street without stopping dead in my tracks and starting to coo embarrassingly. Dogs though? … Not so much. However, occasionally a litter will come along that have me making an exception to the rule – and remind me of how loving and hilarious my childhood dog, who would spend his days guarding my crib when I was tiny, was – the one above, after much deliberation and ‘please can we do this’ eyes, included.

So it is with pleasure that I introduce Cora, our golden retriever pup, who – all going well – is due to come home in two weeks, and who will probably become the new star of my pet related insta account. We (mainly David, who has wanted a dog his entire life) have been busy studying and buying stuff and getting ready for the new arrival, and I actually can’t wait.

Welcome to the family Cora. I can’t wait to see what Colbie and Charlie make of you xxx



She’s gorgeous! You’ve got a pretty damn excellent life at the moment it seems Miss Charlotte!


She is a bit of a babe isn’t she. Do you know your blog isn’t online right now? I’ve been furiously refreshing for weeks praying it will be back! x

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