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Instant messaging from the front line of agency life.

IM #1: Grape Wars
To set the scene: ‘Mad Dog,’ the fourth of our lunch bunch, had just stolen Laura‘s grapes.
Me: Laura eats another grape. She laughs. “Haha” she says.
Laura: “It’s so Mad Dog doesn’t eat them again.”
Me: Ben looks exasperated. “Where are my grapes?” he says. “If only I had grapes.” THE END.
Laura: That’s the worst ending ever. What about Mad Dog? Does he return?
Me: The sequel will focus on Mad Dog, obviously.
Laura: For the epic finale of ‘Grape Wars: Yard of Vines.’
Ben: Grape Wars 2: The Re-Grapening.
Laura: Featuring the award winning soundtrack “Mad Dog Heard Through The Grapevine.”
Me: Gold.

IM #2: The MOOdia Agency
To set the scene: Ben had told us something about Pokemon character, Mew. We thought he had mooed.
Me: ‘Moodia Agency Ben’: The new Netflix original starring Ben as ‘the secret cow’ and Charlotte and Laura as the clueless sidekicks. Eating beef, not knowing why he cries.
Laura: This week’s episode: Ben tries to catch a Mew on Pokemon Go, while driving.
Me: “Ben, don’t try to catch a Mew while you drive,” says Laura. “A mooooo?” Ben says. *Canned laughter*.
Laura: *Ben stands in a dark kitchen.*
Me: “Why is it so hard to make tea with my hooves? Wait, why do I have hooves?” Ben tries to pick up a teaspoon. *Canned laughter.*
Laura: “You are a cow Ben” says a deep, godly voice. *Ben gets mooed off stage. Laura drops the mike.*
Ben: Cud you stop this, I’ve herd enough, you’ve really butchered the joke, it’s offal. I am a cow.
Me: *Canned awwws as Ben admits he is a cow.* “We still love you Ben, welcome to our MOOdia agency!” *Canned laughter.* *Applause.* *Fade.*

… Because life is interesting when you work in content marketing.

(And possibly a little bit weird.)


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