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So we went to the cinema on Friday to catch a release day screening of Me Before You and it… wasn’t the worst film I’ve ever seen. That’s all I’ll say on the matter aside from that the book was better, Emilia Clarke has the most distracting eyebrows in show business and, last but not least, Sam Claflin really knows how to pack an emotional punch.

Scrolling through Netflix on Sunday I came across another Sam Claflin movie, ‘Love, Rosie.’ Realising it was based on Cecelia Ahern’s ‘Where Rainbows End,’ which I read years ago and quite liked (though the letter/e-mail/text message/never anything in person format drove me a bit mad) I gave it a go. I had very low expectations. And those expectations were exceeded 100 fold, because I absolutely loved it.

The story of Rosie and Alex – lifelong best friends who are completely in love with each other but keep missing/screwing up their chances – Love, Rosie is an incredibly British rom com about finding the one. With heart, sarcasm and relatable f* uppery in abundance, I couldn’t help but get sucked in, and went from watching to pass the time to needing to see it through to the end. Although completely predictable and not particularly original, I’d say this movie is also pretty special, and if you enjoy British humour delivered by the likes of uber talented Lily Collins (/the not particularly gifted Suki Waterhouse), it’s definitely one for your watchlist.

If you have Netflix, I’d recommend. I’ll be watching again very soon. ♡♡♡

Related note: Cecelia Ahern’s ‘How To Fall In Love,’ which sadly isn’t a movie, is also fab. You should read it.



Ah I watched this a couple of nights ago and loved it also. Again it was an ‘I’m tired and want an easy watch’ with low expectations but it surprised me ! Been recommending it to all my friends this week

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Mia Salazar

I watched Love Rosie last year and absolutely loved it! It was somehow realistic in a way in the line of not all love stories are the same. And their soundtrack was also a plus.

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