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Fox Socks Fashion blog Someday SummaryFox Socks Lifestyle Blog Someday Summary Fox Socks London Fashion blog Someday SummaryFox Socks UK Fashion blog Someday Summary♥  I’ve just finished having a play with Photobooth on my mac, as the above photos show. HOW MANGA IS MY FACE WHEN MIRRORED?! (And how awful when done side on, haha!) David and I LOL’ed pretty hard whilst posing together. The ‘Frog’ filter was especially hilar. I highly recommend you kick it old school and open up Photobooth for 20 minutes. Instant mood booster. (Especially when fuelled by wine, as this endeavour may have been.)

This weather (it’s almost hot in London) is confusing the wintery dresser in me. Why is my jumper making me sweat? Why is my t-shirt not keeping me warm? et al. I remember reading an article once in which a girl joked about clothing related seasonal affective disorder being a thing. I think I have that.

Proof in point, my magnificently mirrored top up there is actually an ‘All About That Bass’ Gossip Girl jumper – I’m cool – that I had to throw on because my t-shirt wasn’t doing the job even though it’s apparently hot outside. Side note: Yes this blog deals in fashion, no I have never claimed to be fashionable.

Also I legit looked in the mirror at work today and made myself jump with how pale I am. Alright ghost face?

Speaking of teen programmes I’m probably too old to obsess over, I’m making my way through the Pretty Little Liars books, and they are gooooood. And on an age appropriate TV note, OH MY GOD, DID YOU WATCH GAME OF THRONES? (Totally saw it coming. Totally probably only saw it coming because I just watched every single episode for the first time in less than three weeks. Yes, I do feel mildly traumatised. No, I have no regrets. Yes, I do have a soft spot for Theon that I am unwilling to discuss.)

Today I text David to ask him to come into central for pizza and wine in the sun to cheer me up after a very long and tiring week. He couldn’t as he was working, but when I got home in a terrible mood after my train broke down and I had to Uber back (my Uber app is the absolute worst for never loading), he was waiting in the back yard with pizza, wine, chocolate and blankets. He’s a keeper. <3 <3

Colbie and Charlie are acting peculiar and keep wailing in the night/outside the door like they can’t get in (we have a cat flap) and digging holes that they then roll in and walk away from. Are they being haunted by cats that came before them? Are they perhaps possessed by the vengeful demon of Joffrey Baratheon? Are they simply just cats being cats? Only time will tell.

I’m currently alternating between a cup of tea and the rest of my wine. Cheers to the freakin’ weekend, lads! What do you all have planned? xxxx

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