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All I can say is that you make me… you make me into someone I couldn’t even imagine. You make me happy, even when you’re awful. I would rather be with you – even the you that you seem to think is diminished – than with anyone else in the world.
― Jojo MoyesMe Before You

I literally sobbed when I read this book, I feel it’s important that I start with that – tissues are a massive requirement, and you might leave feeling as though your heart has been through a blender… but it’s worth it, in my opinion. The way One Day was worth it back in 2009, a story from which I still haven’t fully recovered.

Me Before You, an international phenomenon that I picked up this weekend having just become obsessed with the movie trailer, follows the story of 26 year old Lou, a small towner with a quirky dress sense and a can do attitude, as she loses her job at local cafe, The Buttered Bun, and is forced to reconsider her career options. A few trips to the job centre via a chicken factory and the suggestion of pole dancing leads her to Will, a former fast living quadriplegic with one steadfast mission – to take his own life.

Miserable and unable to live the life he had planned for himself, Will is reluctant when his latest carer/babysitter (Lou) comes onto the scene, but the two quickly warm to each other, and Lou’s determined mission to make Will understand the worth of living results in a touching, moving love story that will warm your heart and, ultimately, lead to the aforementioned sobbing. So much sobbing.

Me Before You isn’t a literary masterpiece, as Katberries warned me, but it is one of those books that stick with you, which to me is more important – I like to be moved. The dialogue is witty, sarcastic and very british, the underlying message is one that will leave you reconsidering your own life choices, and overall I found it impossible to put down – and not quite as predictable as I expected.

I’ll be wearing waterproof mascara to the movie next week, is all I can really say without spoilers.

*Stifles tears*

What to drink whilst reading: A good cup of tea. (They mention tea often.)
What to wear whilst reading: Bumblebee tights!
What to expect: An unconventional love story with a dramatic and important undercurrent.
What you’ll take away: The need to hug your loved ones… Immediately.




See I didn’t cry?! Like I know I should’ve but I couldn’t haha (I talked about why on my review I did on my blog) but I have my fingers crossed that I will cry at the movies cause seeing it happen BAM in your face has to make some tears fall out right? haha (I just want to prove I have a heart haha)

Rai |


Hi Charlotte! Thanks for the mention 🙂 I’m glad you liked it! Jojo Moyes sure can create an unputdownable story! I don’t know if I’d read something a bit like this before, or saw a similar movie perhaps, but while I enjoyed it, there was not much that really surprised me about the story. Sometimes I felt some stuff could have been a bit better executed (I guess I’m a bit of a fiction snob). One thing that’s for certain is that it’s about 200% better than the sequel After You. The message there isn’t nearly as strong and while also a gripping read, it does not live up to me before you. Have a look if you fancy, I’d be interested to know what you think about it!
If you want one more book by jojo, I quite liked the girl you left behind. It started a bit strange but it sucks you in and the plot is pretty good in the end!


Love this review, and agree so much. I read it a couple of years back and couldn’t stop crying. Like you say, it’s not a literary masterpiece, but it’s well-written and it’s a story that really stays with you!


Definitely just added this to my reading list.. Thank you!

Charlotte - Fox Socks

@Rai – you didn’t??? Oh god, I was beside myself. Different strokes for different folks though!

@Kat – I agree it wasn’t overly surprising, but I didn’t expect the conclusion, which definitely goes against the regular chick flick grain. I’ve ordered After You, curious to see what I make of it!

@Mimmi – Definitely, I can’t wait for the movie!

@Erin – Enjoy!

Love, Rosie - Fox Socks

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Karlin Wilia

Hi Charlotte,

I love your review!

I immediately bought the book and read it after watched the movie.

This one makes me really emotionally in love and broken heart at the same time.
Somehow I wish the end could be different ;p

Anyway thank you for sharing the review.


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