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Date nights (and days, there are ideas for those too) in London can be pretty epic if you let them be (and we really like to let them be – most of these ideas are ones we’ve tried and tested) due to all of the fun and quirky stuff going on around the place. Paris might be the city of love, but we’re the city of basically everything else, so, let’s proceed with some fun ideas 🙂

On your date in London why don’t you…

Go to the theatre.
On one of our earlier dates, David surprised me with Les Mis tickets, and it was bloody brilliant. There’s something very sexy about sitting next to someone you fancy for 3+ hours and not being able to talk whilst playing the sophisticated Londoner. Also, as a standalone, the theatre is fun. I can personally recommend Les Mis, Wicked and Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.

Go to an exhibition.
Dinosaurs are cool. So are random photographs. And all that other good stuff. Plus it’ll make you look intelligent if you’re still at the impressing each other stage. Time to crack open a history book and whip out some fun facts ahead of gazing at a T-REX? I THINK SO.

Go to a gig in a pub basement.
Wander into any pub basement in the Hoxton/Camden/ anywhere else considered cool area and you’ll hit the jackpot. Extra points if the musician you encounter goes on to be famous. Even more extra points if you find said musician on Spotify, and send the link over to your date the next day.

Or to a comedy show in a pub function room.
Top bants.

Or just find a really cool bar and hang out there for the night.
London is absolutely heaving with awesome bars, so whatever kind you enjoy, there will be that kind somewhere. We recently had cocktails at Brumus which was very upscale and well designed, or you could go somewhere a little more laid-back like the Crown and Shuttle in Shoreditch, where you have to buy a bowl of their saucy cheesy chips – they’re divine.

Go to a silent disco.
There’s one up the Shard (lol) on Fridays and Saturdays, and there was one at the Natural History Museum this year that I’m praying gets repeated. I know this is the second time I’m mentioning dinosaurs, but… Who wouldn’t want to go silent dancing with a dinosaur??? (And by dinosaur I mean actual dinosaurs, not your date, ho ho ho)

Go for a walk in the park.
St James Park is beautiful, as is Hyde Park, and basically all of the big parks. Buy a hot drink and take a walk around, or hop on a Boris bike and throw caution to the wind. Beware London squirrels, however, the feisty little buggers will run up your legs given half the chance.

Go to the National Maritime museum and be kids with the iPads.
The guard won’t want to give you an iPad to play the interactive game on the floor because you are, as you may know, an adult. However, if you insist he will repent, and you will spend a good half hour LOLing as you follow the clues to move around the big world map.

Go to an outdoor cinema.
Preferably a pillow one, for added romance. Preferably to see a romance (for gooey feels) or a horror (for an extra excuse to snuggle.)

Go rock climbing.
Bouldering, as I believe indoor rock climbing might be called, is a great activity to do on a date. It’s physical, it’s a bit silly, and you get to play a supportive role/a cutesy ‘help me’ role (depending on your skill level/which persona you’re playing) whilst also getting a bit competitive – which is always good for a laugh. You can continue this date with a feast without fear of judgment, too. Exercise is tiring.

Eat at an interactive table.
David took me to Inamo once. Dim sum (which I love) served on an interactive table, that you use to order, play games, and change the ‘tablecloth’ while you sit and drink your wine. Absolutely brilliant. Especially if your date is really bad at using chopsticks 😉

Eat at a friend’s table.
London has great takeaway, and if you’re lucky enough to have friends to a) double date with that b) have a dining table they’re happy to share, it can be fun just to hang out and eat. I highly recommend perusing Deliveroo. We don’t get it in my current area and I miss it so bad.

Eat really messy burgers or street food or single slice pizza the size of your head.
Dip & Flip, NY Fold, Motherclucker… Be still my heart. Messy but delicious and generally great value for money. Plus your date has to see you with food on your face at some point, right?

Play pool.
The classic English game of balls.

Play foosball.
I can recommend Bar Kick. Not exactly classy but good for a fun night out.

Do something touristy.
On our first date, David and I went on the London Eye, and then took a stroll up the Southbank. It was the most touristy thing, but it was so much fun. I know it can be hard not to, but don’t turn your nose up at the touristy stuff in London, a lot of it is popular for a reason.

Stay in a hotel.
There are some beautiful hotels in London, and I’d recommend utilising the Top Secret Hotels function on last should you plan a date that involves staying in one here – really great places at cut prices. Alternatively, I recently read about, which allows you to book a room for just a few hours at a time. Perfect for a spot of you know what.

Or just stay home.
London is busy and can be expensive and sometimes, when you spend all of your day in central, you just want to stay home come the evening. Staying home can actually make for a really great date night however, so why not make your favourite meal, stick on Netflix, and take things from there. A night in London doesn’t have to be fancy to be special.

Any ideas to add? Happy dating London lovers! xxx



I love the walk in the park idea. My idea of a perfect date is a picnic at Regents Park… so romantic!
Tanya xoxo

Charlotte - Fox Socks

Picnics are definitely a lot of fun! (although not in the current downpour…)


Lots of good ideas, thanks for this 🙂


Charlotte - Fox Socks

Thanks for reading! x

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