Morzine Was Amazing


As I mentioned repeatedly on Twitter, I just spent a week skiing in Morzine. It. Was. Awesome. And as I lie here waiting for The Sims to download, because I’m now on David-ordered bed rest to help my left knee recover from a fall that has left me walking like a stick man, I thought I’d do a little day by day write up of what I/we got upto. (Shout out to David for being patient and kind and hilarious as he taught me what to do. He’s a keeper.)



A Saturday. Meant to be a Friday but hey, accidents happen, flights are missed, long baths are taken and WHY GOD WHY type activity takes place. So, yes, a Saturday. Arrived in Morzine to a very cheery big hug giving David who gave me a quick tour before having me fitted for ski gear and taking me up the mountain (ooh er.) He then proceeded to give me my very first ski lesson, which went well, if we discount the moment he pushed me into a group of haughty french people without teaching me how to stop or slow down or really do anything on skis except go faster. As we learned, we discovered my right leg is much more dominant than my left, leaving the left essentially useless. In the evening we went out for dinner as a group, and I ate something very cheesy as I tried not to fall to sleep in my bowl. 2am starts are not the one. This instagram account, however, run by one of the new friends we ate with, just might be. Meow.


Practiced more skiing, advanced from the entrance of the resort to the green slopes, boarding my first ski lift in order to do so. Got knocked over sideways by said ski lift. Managed to actually get onto the next one and then skied about in freezing cold rain until hot chocolate time came (again. Because all the time is hot chocolate time when you’re dressed in thermals. Especially when your poor boyfriend’s waterproofs have decided not to be waterproof, and his underwear has been saturated by ice water. Brrrr.)


FIRST FULL DAY OF SKIING! Started off in a terrifying manner when David took me straight to a blue slope (intermediate) verging on red (advanced). Quite a jump from my green (beginner) which of course lead to me panicking my way down the slope, some of the way on foot. Redeemed ourselves with a visit to some actual blues in Avoriaz, where I proceeded to fall down the side of the mountain at top speed, roll a few times, and watch my ski fly off over my head. Which was hilarious. Ate some spaghetti and did some (much, much) more successful runs, before realising the resort was closing and we might have to ski all the way home in the dark. Thankfully that didn’t happen (I would have died) and we celebrated by making fajitas and watching Rick and Morty with Chris (David’s roomie as he lives it up in France for the month, you should subscribe to his YouTube channel, here.) As we were shopping for fajita ingredients, this happened. Hehehehehe. Pure gold.


Rest day to recover from almost-having-to-ski-miles-in-the-dark induced panic. We slept in, went for a walk, ate an enormous meal and shared an entire bottle of wine at lunchtime. Baked, napped, cleaned up, and played Theme Hospital, which we have become a bit obsessed with. The whole (day off skiing on a ski holiday) shabang. Our hospitals run like a dream. High five.


Last day of skiing! Finally nailed my left and right turns, thanks to much encouragement, and was gliding confidently down blues at least 50% of the time in what was essentially a snowstorm. My face has never been so cold. My ski got caught in some ‘fresh pow’ at one point which caused me to fall in an awkward manner and injure my ligament, but hey ho silver linings, you can’t win them all. The knee held out long enough for a steak lunch and a few more hours of skiing before acting like a wounded baby bird and refusing to do its job. And D took really good care of me with tea and a rather loud Whitney Houston singalong. So, can’t really complain.


Hobbled home 🙁  will miss D lots (but at least now I get to kiss these faces.)


So, basically, skiing is awesome, it’s not all that difficult, and the hot chocolate hits are worth the cold, cold face, and the actual bits of ice that get stuck in your hair. You should try it. The injury that now has me unable to walk like a normal person is a little inconvenient, yes, but you know what? Totally worth it. Can’t wait to do it again. Just as soon as I can put weight on my left hand side, that is.


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