Ground Control To Major Tom…

February 9, 2016



She was amazing.

Video from an Edinburgh performance, found on YouTube (we saw her in Camden, where she performed this song so well the drunk old man next to me cried. Embarrassing for everyone involved.)
(More) Gabrielle Aplin songs to listen to: Panic CordComing Home.
Tickets still available here.
The last time I’ll mention this gig, promise.



Colbieandcharlie instagram. fox socks blog.“Chatting with my cat about sharing a yoghurt, because my best friend moved out and my boyfriend is on holiday so Charlie is my life now 🐱”
25/01/2016 (further evidence, here)

It’s finally happened, I’ve finally gone full on cat lady. You can meow (/now) follow Colbie&Charlie on instagram, here.

Lewis Watson.


The Gabrielle Aplin gig is tonight, and I’m prepping by listening to both her and her support acts on Spotify. Lewis Watson is fab, and the song above, Stay, is absolutely beautiful. It reminds me a lot of the Twilight soundtrack, which I suppose might be a little bit weird but hey, what you gonna do? I absolutely loved the Twilight soundtrack, and the books, the movies… (Everyone has their vices.)

Regardless of whether or not tonight will involve shimmering vampires, which part of me hopes it will, I’ve put together a playlist of the three acts, here.

Get ready Camden, #Thomlette is heading your way.

Lewis’ stage outfit resembled that of a member of the Volturi.
I think not.