Decoding The Dog Walk


^^ Walkies are tiring.

We have now been walking Cora for almost a week. She is doing pretty well all said and done, socializing and keeping her jaws to herself and exposing her belly in a bid to ward off danger. Before my eyes the dog walking process has revealed a facet of our puppy I had feared did not exist – an angelic side previously eclipsed by a supposed affiliation with Satan (RIP hairdryer, you were loved.)

Cold Weather


I like cold weather. I like the sound and smell of rain, and I like being woken by thunderstorms. Enormous coats and blanket sized scarves. Cups of tea used as hand warmers and too-big jumpers taken from my boyfriend’s side of the wardrobe. I like apple and cinnamon scented candles, slow cooked casseroles and stews and anything made with gravy and red wine.

Tortilla Face


Earlier this week, David and I had a disagreement over fajitas. The pup had been hassling us while we ate and while I wanted to banish her to the kitchen with her toys, D saw it as a teaching moment. Although usually this would be fine, teaching moments are only well and good until someone’s Mexican food gets cold, do you see what I’m saying?

Cats & Dogs: The Friendship Fact & Fiction Edition

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To be clear:

Colbie: Black and white 7 yo queen (official term for a female cat, can’t argue with the facts.) A sassy pants. Also a sweetheart.
Charlie: 6 yo tabby tom. A mummy’s boy who, despite yearning for affection, hates to be held. Scared of dogs.
Cora: Golden retriever female pup. 11 weeks old. Already bigger than her feline companions. Just wants to be pals.

The internet is overflowing with articles written by experts regarding ‘socialisation’ – a fancy term for ‘make my cats and dog like each other enough not to kill.’

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