Heroic Self Sacrifice

Memorial of heroic self sacrifice. Postmans Park London. Fox Socks UK Lifestyle Blog

Postman’s Park is my favourite place in London. Fact. There are three reasons for this: 1. It’s eerily serene, which is hard to find around these parts. 2. It featured in my one of my favourite play/movies, Closer, which you will have unknowingly heard of through three popular emo songs (Thnks Fr Th Mmrs, Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off, But It’s Better If You Do) if not through its numerous award nominations. 3. It has a memorial – or wall of plaques – dedicated to heroic self-sacrifice.

The Inevitable Baby Comparison

Golden retriever puppy. Puppies are like babies. Fox Socks UK Lifestyle blog

Our puppy is like a baby. Literally every dog owner I have ever met INCLUDING MYSELF warned me that our puppy would be like a baby. I didn’t truly believe that our puppy would be like a baby, however, until she vomited in my lap on the car ride home, did something unspeakable in David’s hands before bedtime (more on that later) and woke us up at 5:30am with a piercing shriek.

Life Lately

Fox Socks

Colbie, feeling cutesy | “Why are you pulling a Zoolander?” | Ice cream on homemade brownie on homemade cookie for someone’s 30th

I MADE this! AND I WILL DO IT AGAIN! | The perfect pre-engagement ring c/o Kinder | A boiling hot stone bowl of unusual yet tasty Korean food. Burnt tongue with every bite

Uncle time | My very own DOTA2 pyjamas, straight from the International Tournament #Nerdgasm | Old man Charles, caught off guard ❤

The Truth About London

London Harrods in bocca. Fox Socks UK Lifestyle Blog

There are a lot of things no-one tells you when you move to London. Things you’ll inevitably pick up yourself along the way, but which you’ll use as an accusation when talking to any fellow Londoners you knew pre-London. WHY didn’t you tell me to avoid Oxford Street on weekends, for example, and WHY did you play down the rat problem?

What Does Your Tattoo Mean To You?


Do you have a tattoo? I do. I have an outline of a heart ‘on my sleeve’ (/wrist for the doctors among us) done as a symbol of my love for love, and a reminder to not give in to negativity when times were a little dark. My best friend has a dreamcatcher on his arm that symbolises his travels, and a girl I once worked with had an ellipsis because ‘my friend had a really touching personal meaning behind her own ellipsis tattoo, so I copied her’ (which was creepily Single White Female of her, our colleagueship didn’t progress to friendship.)

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