Pia Rossini

July 22, 2016


Contessa Tunic. Pia Rossini Tobago straw hat. Pia RossiniTwo summer holiday must haves (especially for the fair of skin): A straw hat – because baseball caps don’t flatter anyone, let’s not kid ourselves – and something lightweight yet pretty to throw on over your bikini en route to/from the beach.

Before my June trip Pia Rossini helped accommodate both of these necessities with the above samples. Debuted during a week in Turkey, the Tobago hat did not leave my head, while the Contessa tunic became a constant in my beach bag ‘just in case’ it got too hot for me, which it did. A lot. I am not built for warmer weather.

In between and whilst reading three trashy novels, paragliding (terrifying, glad I did it but wouldn’t do it again) eating oddly structured meals on a half board deal, petting stray yet incredibly tame dogs and layering on so much suncream I arrived home with only the slightest colour change despite 37+ heat, these clothes became staples, and ones I was glad to have at hand.

If you’re taking a break this summer I would highly recommend Pia Rossini, whose site can be viewed here, with 2017 beachwear here.

Happy holidays!

In other news: Fox Socks is undergoing a transformation, it’s very exciting, and all will be revealed v. soon! This Australian safe driving campaign is as genius as it is grotesque (go Graham). And this weather is not my friend – I am melting.


Random Cool Stuff

Teagime teatoxA few months ago, I went on a healthy eating binge that left me feeling the end had cometh at the grand old age of 27. I switched gear from a moderately health food based diet to a 100% health food based diet literally overnight, and subsequently learned the hard way that doing such a thing can and will f* up your body in a way that makes eating cheeseburgers impossible without a side effect of PAIN. Long story short, change your diet little by little, a speedy switch up is not worth the stomach cramp. Believe me.

In the midst of my turmoil, I was contacted by the lovely team at Teagime, and offered two weeks of ‘detox teas,’ blended to suit individual needs. At first, I was wary. ‘Detox teas’ to me have always sounded a little shifty, a little laxative-like, but upon closer inspection of their website – and the promise that detox does not in this case mean ‘diet pills in liquid form’ – I gave them a go. I wasn’t disappointed.

To begin with, there is a questionnaire. You fill this in to inform Teagime of your individual wants and expectations from the programme. They take this info and blend you three teas to help meet your needs, and send you a two week supply. The tea was loose leaf, accompanied by cute little teabag shaped strainers, and it was delicious. Not only was it delicious, it helped me get back on the mend, and feel more like myself again, the bonus being my evening tea included catnip, which made my cat obsessed with me. YAY!

In more informative terms, Teagime explain it best themselves:

“You are unique. A one-size fits all tea may not meet your individual needs. In order to provide the flexibility you deserve, we have designed a new programme that allows you to personalize your teatox regimen.

Let us craft a Teagime for you based on flavour preferences, caffeine requirements, skin condition and menstrual cycle. We use information provided by you to custom-blend herbs and other ingredients specific to your needs. That means each cup of teatox you drink is optimized for your particular health and energy needs.

Additionally, with Teagime, there are no unhealthy and painful ‘colon-cleansing’ effects. We carefully blend teas to be gentle enough for long-term-use. We believe in using 100% natural ingredients – no flavourings, no laxatives, no nasties. Teagime allows you to focus on being healthy.

Our blends are also fine-tuned to support your health throughout the seasons. We focus on herbs that boost the immunes system during the flu season, and warming herbs are included during the colder months to combat seasonal blues.

On top of all this, your first order of any loose-leaf blend includes a free tea infuser. Steeping draws all of the rich flavours and aromas so that you can get the most out of your teatox.
If you want to lose weight in a natural, healthy, and pleasant way, try Teagime. We promise you will enjoy both the taste and the benefits.”

So if you’re after a detox or just want a bit of help with indigestion/insomnia/whatever, I’d highly recommend a teatox. You can start the programme yourself, here.

Happy tea’ing x

{images via Teagime social}

In Defence Of Taylor Swift (Sort Of…)

July 5, 2016


Hiddleswift. In defence of Taylor Swift (sort of). Fox SocksI have a confession to make. I am completely obsessed with #Hiddleswift. I say this not lightly, not in a passing tweet will get clicked, newspaper story will get scanned (by my eyes, not my computer, I’ve not gone that far yet) kind of way, but in the daily Google, only-thing-I-used-my-phone-to-look-at-on-holiday type of way.

Aside from the one that suggests I have no life *sob*, there are a number of reasons for my fascination… Read More

Roomzzz, Nottingham

June 20, 2016


Roomzzz Nottingham City Hotel Review Smart Studio. Fox Socks Roomzzz Nottingham City Hotel Review Smart Studio{Smart Studio}

David and I went home this weekend to visit my school friends, and stayed in a hotel behind my all-time favourite club, Rock City. With the booking being affordable and not very well researched, and the name having z’s in it, we expected something Premier Inn style upon arrival – nice enough but nothing to write home about. What we got instead was a comfortable, homey space complete with a power shower, a kitchenette with hob, dishwasher, microwave and more, a flat screen TV, a sofa, an ironing board, the list goes on.Roomzzz Nottingham City Hotel Review Grande Studio. Fox Socks Lifestyle Blog Roomzzz Nottingham City Hotel Review Grande Studio. Fox Socks

{Grande Studio}

These images are taken from the Roomzzz site, as I was far too busy eating cheese, dancing to Evanescence and rehashing 14 years of friendship with my oldest BFFs to take any photos. So credit to them for their photography skillzzz, alongside their hoteling skillzzz.
Roomzzz Nottingham City Hotel Review Penthouse Suite. Fox Socks Roomzzz Nottingham City Hotel Review Penthouse Suite. Fox Socks Lifestyle Blog Roomzzz Nottingham City Hotel Review Penthouse Suite. Fox Socks Blog

{Penthouse Suite}

Impressive, no?

Roomzzz is close to the city centre, a 30 second walk to Rock City, quiet despite its location and decked out in such a way that you feel like you’re renting a little apartment, not just a room. I felt very at home, and can’t help thinking it would be a great choice for business travelers that have to sleep in hotels all week long. The difference having your own hob and dishes makes is insane. My only complaint really would be that the room was listed as bed and breakfast, when breakfast was in fact a basket of ‘grab and go’ bits placed in reception until 10am. We got there at 9:45 and everything was gone. Our hungover selves were very sad.Roomzzz Hotel Manchester Penthouse Suite. Fox Socks Lifestyle Blog. Roomzzz Hotel Manchester Penthouse Suite Roomzzz Hotel Manchester Penthouse Suite. Fox Socks Roomzzz Hotel Manchester Penthouse Suite. Fox Socks Lifestyle Blog Roomzzz Hotel Manchester Penthouse Suite. Fox Socks Blog(As a side note, the Roomzzz Manchester Penthouse Suite, above, also looks divine.)

I’ll be staying here again.

A couple of things to do when staying in Nottingham: Visit the Kitty Cafe and say hello to Heathcliffe, the enormous 1yo Maine Coon. Visit the castle walls – they’re impressive (the interior of the castle itself… not so much.)
A couple of places to drink when visiting Nottingham: Boilermaker. Pit and Pendulum.
A couple of places to recover from drinking when visiting Nottingham: Lee Rosy’s. Delilah.
A couple of places to eat when visiting Nottingham: Annie’s Burger Shack. Dolce.
And a couple of things to remember: We love Robin Hood and we love Brian Clough, don’t question it. ‘Tabs’ are ears. A bread roll is a cob. We are in the midlands (yes, that is a real place.) Aaaaaand, our statues are there to be posed with – enjoy. 😉


June 19, 2016

TV & Film

Like Crazy bed sceneI thought I understood it
That I could grasp it
But I didn’t
Not really
Only the smudgeness of it
The pink-slippered-all-containered-semi-precious-eagerness of it
I didn’t realize it would sometimes be more than whole
That the wholeness was a rather luxurious idea
Because its the halves that halve you in half
Didn’t know
Don’t know
About the in between bits
The gory bits of you
And gory bits of me

During a very dramatic period in my life a few years back, the movie Like Crazy was kept on a loop. Today, it has been reported that the male star of the show, Anton Yelchin, has sadly passed away aged 27. In tribute, I thought I’d share the above poem, which is from Like Crazy, and which I completely adore for so many different reasons, to the point my last blog was named after it.

To those of you that didn’t see this film, watch it. It’s lovely, and a real testament to this guy’s talent. To Anton Yelchin himself, RIP, and thank you for being so awesome.

Topshop Unique, Giving Me Butterflies

June 13, 2016


Campion butterfly moth dress Topshop Unique 2016… Or are they moths? Either way, this dress is adorable, and would be at the top of my ‘considering this for that July wedding’ list were it not £225. (I love the pattern, but am not keen enough on the style to part with that amount.) The illustrations are undeniably gorgeous, so I had to share. Available at Topshop Unique in pink, here, and blue, here.

In other news, I am spending every spare moment right now either planning or writing, and it’s making me sleepy. Oh and last night David and I left our comfy sofa to jump around in the storm in our garden, just because. #YOLO.

Currently reading: Lolita
Currently loving: Grey v-neck plain tops, and Cherry Me Baby Lips tinted balm
Currently eating: Chocolate biscuits. YES!

Love, Rosie

June 7, 2016

TV & Film

So we went to the cinema on Friday to catch a release day screening of Me Before You and it… wasn’t the worst film I’ve ever seen. That’s all I’ll say on the matter aside from that the book was better, Emilia Clarke has the most distracting eyebrows in show business and, last but not least, Sam Claflin really knows how to pack an emotional punch.

Scrolling through Netflix on Sunday I came across another Sam Claflin movie, ‘Love, Rosie.’ Realising it was based on Cecelia Ahern’s ‘Where Rainbows End,’ which I read years ago and quite liked (though the letter/e-mail/text message/never anything in person format drove me a bit mad) I gave it a go. I had very low expectations. And those expectations were exceeded 100 fold, because I absolutely loved it.

The story of Rosie and Alex – lifelong best friends who are completely in love with each other but keep missing/screwing up their chances – Love, Rosie is an incredibly British rom com about finding the one. With heart, sarcasm and relatable f* uppery in abundance, I couldn’t help but get sucked in, and went from watching to pass the time to needing to see it through to the end. Although completely predictable and not particularly original, I’d say this movie is also pretty special, and if you enjoy British humour delivered by the likes of uber talented Lily Collins (/the not particularly gifted Suki Waterhouse), it’s definitely one for your watchlist.

If you have Netflix, I’d recommend. I’ll be watching again very soon. ♡♡♡

Related note: Cecelia Ahern’s ‘How To Fall In Love,’ which sadly isn’t a movie, is also fab. You should read it.