I am mildly hungover as I write this, bear with me.

So, last night was my work Christmas party. It was held at Tape London, because nothing says Christmas quite like renting out Justin Bieber’s favourite club, am I right? I am right.



David is playing online video games and I’ve watched far too many episodes of Charmed today, so as a temporary boredom buster I’ve just spent a bit of time trying to fix the camera these little sneaks pushed off the windowsill in a fury a couple of months back. Good news is, it appears to have fixed itself. Wahoo!

Behold, my babies:

black-and-white-cat-london-fox-socks-uk-lifestyle-blog brown-and-white-tabby-cat-london-fox-socks-uk-lifestyle-blog tuxedo-cat-london-fox-socks-uk-lifestyle-blogtabby-cat-london-fox-socks-uk-lifestyle-blog

Happy Caturday 🐱🐱 xx


Gloomy Weather Book Recommendations


There’s something about gloomy weather that my brain links with scary stories. So as soon as the skies start darkening early and my nose starts to feel frostbitten after a twenty second venture outdoors, my bookshelf antics turn to the fearful. If you, too, enjoy the pull of the creep, here are some recommendations on what to read…

… And how best to read them.

A Gilmore Girls Tag

Gilmore Girls

I don’t usually do tags on here (unless they’re Taylor Swift adjacent, obviously) but as my Friday off work last week was dominated by the Gilmore Girls revival, and many waking moments since have been spent on either a) how much Rory’s journalistic career closely mirrors my own, and b) holy fuck, those last four words!!!, I thought it might be a good time to break my own rules.

So, as my brain is stuck in Stars Hollow (/Rosewood for PLL fans), here is a tag I found via TAPEPARADE.

Enjoy x

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  2. a lifestyle blog.


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